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Judge Crowder should do some weeding

[ 0 ] April 19, 2010 |

From Madison/St. Clair Record:

Location, location, location. That’s what Realtors say is the prime determinant of a house’s value. Identical homes often have dramatically different purchase prices just because of location.

The same is true of plants. Where plants grow often dictates the value. Morning Glories clinging to a lattice fence surrounding a shady patio are seen as pretty flowers worth preserving, but when those flowery plants are smothering a farmer’s crops out in a sun-drenched field they’re just troublesome weeds.

Location also may determine the value or viability of a lawsuit. Lawsuits that would wither in one jurisdiction could thrive in another, as our readers can attest. Dandelion suits from other venues often are treated like the rarest orchids here in Madison County.

Plaintiffs attorney Stephen Tillery currently is trying to cultivate a crabgrass collection of class action suits against makers of atrazine-based weedkillers. He’s representing the Holiday Shores Sanitation District, alleging that atrazine runoff poses an unsubstantiated hazard to its drinking water supply, and has joined seven Illinois municipalities to the suits…

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