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Sex changes and EPA wrapped up in atrazine war

[ 0 ] February 23, 2012

From Western FARM PRESS: Darnell the frog is the champion of the anti-atrazine crowd. Darnell is an ex-male that became partially female and got cross-wired or something to that effect. A hemaphrodite, transgendered frog with high-pitched croaks — maybe that’s a more politically correct description and about as clear as mud… …The atrazine hysteria doesn’t […]


Over-Regulation Fever At The White House

[ 0 ] February 10, 2012

From Jon Entine via Forbes: Don’t drink tap water. Beware the coming environmental apocalypse. It’s election season, and s are turning up the heat on the Environmental Protection Agency. Will the Obama Administration buckle in this über-political time and give in to alarmism? The target du jour is atrazine, the American farmer’s most popular weed […]



[ 0 ] July 28, 2011

From Syngenta Crop Protection: Syngenta’s assessment concludes that atrazine hazard and exposure via drinking water have been well characterized. The current regulatory standards are protective of human health and result in large margins of exposure (MOEs)… …Atrazine Exposure Is Well Characterized Most of the US population are minimally exposed, and SDWA data can be used […]

atrazine_sap re-evaluation

Re-evaluation of the Human Health Effects of Atrazine: Review of Non-cancer Effects, Drinking Water Monitoring Frequency and Cancer Epidemiology

[ 0 ] July 21, 2011

From the July 2011 Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) Overview: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will convene a Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) to consider and review atrazine water-monitoring and human-health studies July 26-29, 2011. The Public Comment period opens Tuesday, July 26, from 4 to 6 p.m. and continues Wednesday morning, July 27, beginning at 8:45 […]