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Over-Regulation Fever At The White House

[ 0 ] February 10, 2012 |

From Jon Entine via Forbes:

Don’t drink tap water. Beware the coming environmental apocalypse. It’s election season, and s are turning up the heat on the Environmental Protection Agency. Will the Obama Administration buckle in this über-political time and give in to alarmism?

The target du jour is atrazine, the American farmer’s most popular weed killer, but it’s really modern chemistry that’s under assault. In case you missed it, Mother Jones magazine’s February issue rained frogs on American farmers for using atrazine. On Tuesday, PR Watch released a three-part series attacking its manufacturer, Syngenta, for attempting to “shape” news reports—in other words, to defend itself against the attacks exemplified in these articles…

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Jon Entine is director of the Genetic Literacy Project and senior research fellow at STATS and the Center for Health and Risk Communications at George Mason University.advocacy-groups-target-atrazine

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