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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) together with partners at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) have concluded the special registration review of the corn herbicide atrazine for the State of Minnesota.  This review determined that no modifications to atrazine regulation are required in Minnesota at this time.  Elements of atrazine registration and regulation may need revision if emerging science or EPA evaluations reach new conclusions about human health and environmental impacts of atrazine and its benefits to farmers.

Additional Registration Review Documents

Groundwater and surface water monitoring for atrazine

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) monitors groundwater, rivers and springs for the presence of atrazine. The MDA also collects information about the amount of atrazine used by farmers throughout the state.

The Minnesota Department of Health is responsible for establishing state health risk guidelines for atrazine in private water supplies, and for ensuring atrazine testing in the public water supplies serving approximately 80% of Minnesotans. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is responsible for atrazine guidelines for rivers and streams. The MDA also provides information about testing private drinking water supplies for atrazine.

Additional Information and Links

The MDA publishes reports on pesticides in water resources and on pesticide use. These reports include information on a variety of pesticides, including atrazine. In addition, the MDA has prepared documents specific to atrazine.

For more information on atrazine regulation in the state of Minnesota, visit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture online.