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In the state of Wisconsin, there are more restrictive rules and regulations than the Federal standards.

There are restrictions in place to protect Wisconsin’s ground and surface water supply. This rule is more restrictive than Federal product labels.

  • All herbicides containing atrazine are included: AAtrex, Atrazine, Axiom AT, Basis Gold, Bicep Lite II Magnum, Bicep II Magnum, Buctril+atrazine, Bullet, Degree Xtra, Extrazine II, Field Master, FulTime, Guardsman, Harness Xtra, Harness Xtra 5.6, Laddok S-12, Lariat, LeadOff, Liberty ATZ, Marksman, Ready Master ATZ, Shotgun, and other products with atrazine listed as an active ingredient on the label.
  • Allowable rates are based on soil texture and prior use on field. Refer to rate listed below.
  • Do not apply before April 1 or after July 31.
  • All handlers and applicators must be certified.
  • Use only on agricultural row crops and in forestry.
  • Applicator must complete a record on day of application for each field treated. Record:
    • – name of applicator
    • – name and address of farmer (if different)
    • – field location
    • – date and time of application
    • – brand name of product
    • – manufacturer or EPA registration number
    • – application rate
    • – size of area(s) treated
    • – location where product was loaded into sprayer
    • Keep records for three years.

    Atrazine Application Rates

    An additional amount of atrazine may be applied on seed and sweet corn if a rescue treatment is needed as long as the total annual amount does not exceed 1.5 pounds on coarse soils and 2.0 pounds on the medium/fine soils.

    Field Surface Soil Texture Atrazine product used on field last year Atrazine product not used on field last year
    Coarse Soils
    Any field that is 25% or more sand, loamy sand, sandy loam
    0.75* 0.75*
    Medium/fine Soils
    loam, silt, silt loams, sandy clay loam, clay loam, silty clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, clay, peat, muck
    1.00* 1.50*

    *Pounds of atrazine active ingredient per acre per year


    Statewide Irrigation Restrictions

    Do not apply atrazine products through irrigation systems. Irrigation is prohibited on any field for two years after an atrazine application unless an irrigation scheduling program is used.

    Below is a list of all the atrazine regulatory laws in Wisconsin.

    ATCP 30
    Pesticide product restrictions including the restricted use of the herbicide atrazine.

    ATCP 30 – Appendix A
    Atrazine prohibition areas in Wisconsin.

    ATCP 31
    Rules for the state agriculture department to protect groundwater.

    Chapter 160
    Our authority to restrict the use of a pesticide that is contaminating groundwater at levels above health-based standards is found in this statute.

    NR 140
    The rule establishes groundwater quality standards for substances detected in groundwater or substances that may enter Wisconsin groundwater.

    NR 141
    This rule sets minimum acceptable standards for design, installation, construction, abandonment and documentation of groundwater monitoring wells.

    For more information on atrazine regulation in Wisconsin, please visit: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.