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Sex changes and EPA wrapped up in atrazine war

[ 0 ] February 23, 2012 |

From Western FARM PRESS:

Darnell the frog is the champion of the anti-atrazine crowd. Darnell is an ex-male that became partially female and got cross-wired or something to that effect. A hemaphrodite, transgendered frog with high-pitched croaks — maybe that’s a more politically correct description and about as clear as mud…

…The atrazine hysteria doesn’t pass inspection — it reeks of ambulance chasers and lawsuit shoppers. The activism swirling around atrazine is not going to end regardless of what science says. But at least the EPA should stand firm behind its own findings and acknowledge the safety of atrazine.

If the EPA were to give in to the lunacy, I could easily see the activists erecting a massive statue to Darnell; I’ve no idea if it would be in male or female form.

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