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Atrazine Controversy Swirls

[ 0 ] May 26, 2010

From Delta FARM PRESS: As U.S. growers wrap up planting an estimated 90 million acres of corn this spring, there’s a good chance many of those acres have something in common besides seed corn – an application of atrazine. Discovered more than 50 years ago, 2-chloro-4-(ethylamine)-6-isopropylamine)-s-triazine or atrazine has become one of the most commonly […]

judge crowder_atrazine lawsuit

Judge Crowder should do some weeding

[ 0 ] April 19, 2010

From Madison/St. Clair Record: Location, location, location. That’s what Realtors say is the prime determinant of a house’s value. Identical homes often have dramatically different purchase prices just because of location. The same is true of plants. Where plants grow often dictates the value. Morning Glories clinging to a lattice fence surrounding a shady patio […]

atrazine allegations dropped

Good News for Farmers
as Atrazine Lawsuit Stumbles

[ 0 ] February 24, 2010

From Farm Futures: The plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the manufacturer and distributor of the popular herbicide, Atrazine, have voluntarily dropped more allegations from their lawsuit. Tuesday’s withdrawal of claims related to real estate damage, marks the fourth time the suit has been amended to reduce claims. The suit in Madison County, Ill., is the […]

corn_crop yields

Corn can’t grow in the courtroom

[ 0 ] September 6, 2009

From Madison/St. Clair Record: If agricultural chemical companies can come up with products that get rid of weeds, why can’t they invent one to get rid of parasitical lawyers? Farmers in Illinois and elsewhere have used atrazine safely and effectively for 50 years to control weeds and increase their crop yields. The Environmental Protection Agency […]