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Corn can’t grow in the courtroom

[ 0 ] September 6, 2009 |

From Madison/St. Clair Record:

If agricultural chemical companies can come up with products that get rid of weeds, why can’t they invent one to get rid of parasitical lawyers?

Farmers in Illinois and elsewhere have used atrazine safely and effectively for 50 years to control weeds and increase their crop yields. The Environmental Protection Agency repeatedly has affirmed that atrazine levels in community water supplies are well below a cautious threshold.

According to one study, Illinois corn farmers and the state’s economy could suffer more than $500 million in annual losses if the use of atrazine were banned or otherwise removed from the market.

Why would anyone want to eliminate a product that makes American farmland more fruitful?

Plaintiff’s attorney Stephen Tillery thinks he has an answer. He hopes to reap a bountiful harvest from his six Madison County class action lawsuits against makers of atrazine-based weedkillers. He’s representing the Holiday Shores Sanitation District, alleging that atrazine runoff poses an unsubstantiated hazard to its drinking water. He’s also looking to increase his yield by encouraging the state’s other sanitation districts to join the action.

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