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Tag: "Illinois"

judge crowder_atrazine lawsuit

Judge Crowder should do some weeding

[ 0 ] April 19, 2010

From Madison/St. Clair Record: Location, location, location. That’s what Realtors say is the prime determinant of a house’s value. Identical homes often have dramatically different purchase prices just because of location. The same is true of plants. Where plants grow often dictates the value. Morning Glories clinging to a lattice fence surrounding a shady patio […]

peoria illinois_atrazine

Replacing fear with facts about atrazine

[ 0 ] September 4, 2009

From Journal Star: Peoria has one of the lowest concentrations of atrazine in any test data available. To frighten the citizens of Peoria with unfounded claims of “unsafe” levels of atrazine in their water is simply irresponsible. It also shows a bias against farmers and modern farming practices in Illinois. The results of over 180 […]