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Tag: "weedkiller"

greenville water safety_atrazine

Depending on who asks, Greenville’s water is either safe or unsafe to drink

[ 0 ] December 19, 2011

From Madison/St. Clair Record: You can’t have it both ways. You can’t stop making monthly payments on a house or car and still keep it. You can’t compete in triathlons and still draw disability… …Ask the members of the Greenville City Council. They got caught trying to have it both ways. Their explanations are provoking […]

judge crowder_atrazine lawsuit

Judge Crowder should do some weeding

[ 0 ] April 19, 2010

From Madison/St. Clair Record: Location, location, location. That’s what Realtors say is the prime determinant of a house’s value. Identical homes often have dramatically different purchase prices just because of location. The same is true of plants. Where plants grow often dictates the value. Morning Glories clinging to a lattice fence surrounding a shady patio […]