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Yet another look at atrazine

[ 0 ] November 25, 2009 |

From Delta Farm Press:

Several years ago, a scientist at a land-grant university was discussing weed control options in corn. “It doesn’t really matter which herbicide you use as long as it contains atrazine,” the expert said.

Atrazine has to be one of the most successful herbicides ever. The compound has been used on millions of acres of corn, and farm organizations and chemical companies have spent millions of dollars and man-hours defending it.

Although atrazine is “already the most comprehensively evaluated crop protection product in the agency’s history,” as one observer said, EPA has just announced plans to conduct yet another review.

This is occurring even though it just completed another multi-year, regulatory study that concluded “atrazine is not likely to cause cancer in humans” and does not affect the reproductive development of frogs and other .

The latest study was announced in the Oct. 7 Federal Register. The agency called for written comments by Oct. 23 and unveiled its review plan on Nov. 7, a process that normally takes months rather than days. (The speed of the announcement was amazing considering how slow EPA has been moving on product registrations.)

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