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Atrazine to stay

[ 0 ] May 12, 2008 |

From Stock & Land (Australia):

Australian farmers are delighted with the decision by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to allow them to continue to use the popular chemical atrazine.

Atrazine, which is used primarily in broadacre agriculture on triazine tolerant (TT) canola, sorghum and maize, came under review by the APVMA, who were investigating the chemical after concerns were raised over human and animal carcinogenicity, environmental impacts including the potential for atrazine to contaminate ground and surface water, and residue and efficacy uncertainties.

“Farmers are pleased they can continue to use the product without increased cost or regulation,” said the chairman of the Victorian Farmers Federation agricultural and veterinary chemicals committee, Geoff Kendell.

“Atrazine plays a very important role for many farmers, especially those growing TT canola.

“Not only does it play its part in reducing the risk of ryegrass resistance to other key chemicals such as glyphosate, it can also be used to control brome grass, which is an issue that is a major concern to many farmers across Australia.”

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