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Atrazine Water Monitoring and Human Health (FINAL SAP Talking Points)

[ 0 ] July 25, 2011 |

From Syngenta Crop Protection:

– Talking Points –

The focus of the July 2011 Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meeting will be on the atrazine water-monitoring and human-health studies.

Syngenta has been contributing additional information to the EPA and SAP to advance the science on human toxicology and exposure and risk assessment.  Atrazine is one of the most carefully studied pesticides in the world.

  • The safety of atrazine has been established by more than 6,000 scientific studies conducted over the past 50 years.
  • Hundreds of studies have been submitted over the past 15 years in support of atrazine’s 2006 re-registration.
  • For the July 2011 SAP, 13 new studies were submitted by Syngenta to the EPA and SAP that will augment the understanding of the science behind atrazine.
  • The scientific data show that atrazine is not likely to cause cancer.
  • The regulatory standards in place for atrazine are protective of human health and include wide margins of safety…


Please click here to read the original PDF version of this document at sap talking points


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