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Frequently Asked Questions about the Center for Media & Democracy Claims Against Syngenta

[ 0 ] February 15, 2012 |

From Syngenta Crop Protection:

Why did Syngenta try to keep its communications and public relations plans secret?

It didn’t. Most of the documents posted by the Center for Media and Democracy on were originally filed with the Court under seal by plaintiffs’ counsel, not by Syngenta.

Many of the documents posted were not originally created by Syngenta. They came from third parties subpoenaed by the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Why did Syngenta hire so many experts?

Syngenta has always encouraged independent review by scientific experts. The company has worked with a number of well-respected organizations and researchers for many years to investigate atrazine and its safety. The trial lawyers and activists who attack atrazine also routinely engage experts to support their positions…

…How can you be sure that atrazine is safe?

Atrazine is one of the most carefully studied and thoroughly tested chemicals in the world. More than 6,000 scientific studies conducted over the past 50 years have clearly established the safety of atrazine.

After a thorough review of the available scientific evidence, the World Health Organization in 2010 reviewed its scientific assessment of atrazine’s safety and raised its recommended acceptable atrazine exposure level from 2 parts per billion (ppb) to 100 ppb.

The safety of atrazine was also reaffirmed in a 2011 report on the latest findings from the Agricultural Health Study, an ongoing epidemiological study of more than 89,000 participants sponsored by the EPA, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences…

Please click here to read the original PDF version of this document at atrazinefacts.comcmd-claims-against-syngenta

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