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Atrazine saves the soil

[ 0 ] April 21, 2010

From Syngenta Crop Protection: As people around the world recognize Earth Day, it’s also a good time to recognize the vital role the herbicide atrazine plays in protecting the environment and promoting responsible land stewardship. Besides helping to effectively and affordably control a broad spectrum of weeds, atrazine is essential to conservation tillage and in […]

judge crowder_atrazine lawsuit

Judge Crowder should do some weeding

[ 0 ] April 19, 2010

From Madison/St. Clair Record: Location, location, location. That’s what Realtors say is the prime determinant of a house’s value. Identical homes often have dramatically different purchase prices just because of location. The same is true of plants. Where plants grow often dictates the value. Morning Glories clinging to a lattice fence surrounding a shady patio […]

atrazine lawsuits dismissed

Let’s hope atrazine lawsuits go away faster than asbestos

[ 0 ] April 19, 2010

From Madison/St. Clair Record: While the Madison County asbestos meter continues to spin like some kind of hyper-active Las Vegas slot machine, there is a chance another one of the trial lawyer “get richer quicker” schemes from the “A” file may be handed a “get out of our court” card, which is similar to a […]