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Archive for January, 2010

Minnesota Affirms Atrazine

Minnesota Affirms Atrazine Regulation is Protective

A special registration review has found atrazine regulations do protect human health and the environment in Minnesota.

[ 0 ] January 25, 2010

From CropLife: The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) this month completed a special registration review of the corn herbicide atrazine for the State of Minnesota. According to the MDA, “The review finds that atrazine regulations protect human health and the environment in […]

atrazine_sound science

Syngenta Responds to Activist Claims Regarding Atrazine

Backed by 6,000 studies and 50 years of use, atrazine can be used safely.

[ 0 ] January 15, 2010

From Syngenta Crop Protection: For 50 years, sound science has governed U.S. regulatory decisions on atrazine, a well-studied herbicide that farmers rely upon worldwide to produce safe, healthy and abundant crops. Syngenta, as a science-based company, looks forward to a continuing, open and transparent safety review of atrazine by the U.S. EPA in 2010 and […]

atrazine_scientific evidence

Scientific evidence is at the heart of atrazine debate

[ 0 ] January 15, 2010

From High Plains/Midwest AG Journal: …Activist concerns Despite the 50 years of research and economical importance of this product, however, the EPA announced in October of last year it will hold four new Science Advisory Panels to yet again review the safety of atrazine. This came after a July 2009 update from EPA that stated, […]

atrazine_UW study

University of Washington study correlating atrazine to birth defects not credible

[ 0 ] January 15, 2010

From Syngenta US: The study released today by the University of Washington, purporting to show a correlation between atrazine usage and the incidence of birth defects in Washington State, is simply not credible. This is especially true when this population-based survey is contrasted with the weight of scientific evidence. A large number of rigorous scientific […]