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University of Washington study correlating atrazine to birth defects not credible

[ 0 ] January 15, 2010 |

From Syngenta US:

The study released today by the University of Washington, purporting to show a correlation between atrazine usage and the incidence of birth defects in Washington State, is simply not credible. This is especially true when this population-based survey is contrasted with the weight of scientific evidence. A large number of rigorous scientific animal studies have consistently shown that atrazine does not cause birth defects and does not cause reproductive effects.

Ecological studies, such as the one conducted by the UW researchers, make br

oad generalizations about environmental conditions and often overlook confounding factors. In fact, the UW study is not biologically plausible and provides no direct or credible link between atrazine and the kind of birth defect, gastroschisis, which it examined. Media outlets jumping on this so-called science doesn’t help anyone…

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