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American Council on Science and Health questions “bizarre” relationship between atrazine attorney and federal judge

[ 0 ] June 16, 2017

The Bizarre Relationship Between Environmental Lawyer Stephen Tillery And A Federal Judge Who Helped Him Originally posted here. By Hank Campbell | June 16th 2017 05:59 PM Attorney Patrick Murphy is representing infamous sue-and-settle environmental lawyer Stephen Tillery, senior partner and founder of Korein Tillery, as plaintiff in the court of Senior U.S. District Judge Phil Gilbert […]

Madison County Record Commentary on Atrazine Court Settlement

Madison County Record Commentary on Atrazine Court Settlement

[ 0 ] November 1, 2012

From Madison/St. Clair Record: For once, we agree with Stephen Tillery. The settlement that he browbeat Syngenta Corp. into accepting — to make him go away and put an end to eight years of legal haggling — is “more than fair…” Tillery filed suit against Syngenta in Madison County Circuit Court in 2004, alleging that […]

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Syngenta files motion to compel in Greenville federal atrazine class action

[ 0 ] July 20, 2011

From Madison/St. Clair Record: The defendant in a proposed federal class action over water contamination allegedly caused by the weed killer atrazine is asking a federal judge to compel each plaintiff currently listed in the suit to answer discovery questions including those related to damages and water testing results. Defendant Syngenta Crop Protection LLC filed […]

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Tillery drops several claims in atrazine suits; Crowder hears arguments on venue

[ 0 ] February 24, 2010

From Madison/St. Clair Record: Attorney Stephen Tillery has voluntarily dropped several claims in six proposed Madison County class action lawsuits against the makers of atrazine, the most commonly used weed killer among corn growers. The series of lawsuits alleging water contamination were originally led by Holiday Shores Sanitation District, but have grown to include seven […]