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Tag: "drinking water"

usgs_atrazine study

USGS Study: Atrazine Unlikely to Exceed Drinking Water Standard in Agricultural Groundwater

[ 0 ] March 14, 2012

From USGS via Journal of Environmental Quality: …Atrazine is one of the most extensively used agricultural herbicides in the United States, with an average annual use (1992–1995) of 29 million kg active ingredient applied to about 231,000 km2 of cropland (primarily corn and sorghum) (Thelin and Gianessi, 2000).  National models of atrazine occurrence in shallow […]



[ 0 ] July 28, 2011

From Syngenta Crop Protection: Syngenta’s assessment concludes that atrazine hazard and exposure via drinking water have been well characterized. The current regulatory standards are protective of human health and result in large margins of exposure (MOEs)… …Atrazine Exposure Is Well Characterized Most of the US population are minimally exposed, and SDWA data can be used […]

atrazine_drinking water

Report Questions Atrazine Levels in Water

Levels fall within current safety limit regulations.

[ 0 ] August 25, 2009

From Farm Futures: The Natural Resources Defense Council has issued a report that drinking water containing the herbicide atrazine could pose a greater public health risk than previously thought because regular municipal monitoring doesn’t detect frequent spikes in the chemical’s levels. Scientists with Syngenta, the main manufacturer of atrazine, called the NRDC report alarmist and […]