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Growers: Out of State Trial Attorneys Miss the Point in Atrazine Suit

[ 0 ] April 27, 2009 |

From USAgNet:

Two out-of-state law firms are now saying that two Kansas grower groups are simply trying to protect the financial success of a Swiss chemical company after the corn and grain sorghum associations blew the whistle on an effort to sign up Kansas towns to join a lawsuit against the maker of atrazine. Nothing could be farther from the truth, according to Jere White, executive director of the Kansas Corn Growers Association and Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association. Instead, corn and sorghum farmers are working to protect access to an importa
nt herbicide that has been safely used to control weeds on Kansas farms for years.

“The financial success we are concerned about is a lot closer to home. It is in the corn and sorghum fields of Marion County, Kansas,” White said. “A frivolous lawsuit like this can result in taking atrazine off the shelves in Kansas and throughout farm country. That would have far reaching consequences with our growers who rely on atrazine for weed control and conservation tillage.”

KCGA and KGSPA were surprised to learn earlier this month that the farming communities of Hillsboro and Marion had signed on to a lawsuit against the makers of atrazine alleging contamination of their drinking water. Atrazine levels in the drinking water of both cities are well below the 3 parts per billion drinking water standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In a statement to the media, the trial attorney firms of Baron and Budd, P.C. and Korein Tillery claimed that Kansas co
“Law firms whose office locations include Dallas, Chicago, Beverly Hills and St. Louis are claiming that they are just trying to protect the little guy in Marion County? I find that hard to swallow,” White said.rn and sorghum farmers are only interested in protecting the financial interests of a Swiss company.

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