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Death by a thousand studies

[ 0 ] November 15, 2009 |

From Madison/St. Clair Record:

…The Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it was beginning “a new scientific evaluation of atrazine” so it could determine whether or not the popular herbicide, regularly used by corn growers, is associated with causing cancer, birth defects, low birth weight, or premature birth.

Such intent sounds appropriate until one considers the peculiar timing of the study, the results of which are scheduled to be released next fall.

The EPA has already studied this issue and cleared atrazine as safe at least twice before, most recently in 2006. The chemical poses “no harm that would result to the general U.S. population, infants, children or other…consumers,” the agency said.

So why study atrazine again?

EPA leaders surely have some answer. But one wonders whether the influence of trial lawyers such as Mr. Tillery had something to do with it…

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