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Atrazine Settlement Statement

[ 0 ] August 1, 2012 |

From Syngenta Crop Protection:

This settlement ends the business uncertainty and expense of protracted litigation surrounding this critical product that has been the backbone of weed control for more than 50 years. It allows farmers to continue to realize the benefits of atrazine to agriculture, the economy, and the environment.

The scientific facts continue to make it clear that no one ever has been or could be exposed to enough atrazine in water to affect their health. Despite eight years of litigation, the plaintiffs were never able to show that atrazine has ever caused any adverse health effects at levels that people could be exposed in the real world. Most water systems have never detected significant amounts of atrazine in their water.

This settlement was a business decision that is good for the company and the farmers who depend on atrazine, as well as our retailers, distributors, partners and others who have been inconvenienced by this ongoing and burdensome litigation.

The value of atrazine is clear. It benefits American farmers by up to $3.3 billion and supports up to 85,000 American jobs related to farming annually. Atrazine helps protect the environment and critical wildlife habitat by enabling conservation tillage and no-till farming methods that have reduced soil erosion by up to 85 million tons each year. There is no substitute for atrazine, which is used in more than 60 countries and meets the most stringent safety requirements in the world.

Syngenta Settlement Statement


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